Xoldokogaina Lake

Mount Xoldokogaina (486 m), made from pink sandstone, provides a view point over the Bidasoa Valley and the mountains. There are numerous footpaths through the American oak tree forest and along the river.

If you take the smugglers' route through the brooms and ferns you will discover Xoldokogaina Lake. Stop here to freshen up and eat on the Ibardin Pass whilst admiring the magnificent landscapes of the surrounding Basque countryside.

If you climb to the summit of Xoldokogaina or the Calvary, you will come across many different freely roaming animals: pottok, small typical horses from the Basque Country, sheep and betisoak, rustic cattle native to the Basque Country.

Despite the low altitude of Mount Xoldokogaina, the view is impressive. On a clear day you can see the entire Landes coast and surrounding mountains: La Rhune, Ursuia, Trois Couronnes.

NB: It is forbidden to bathe in the lake.