Fishing in river

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Where fishing

In the Untxin River

Longue of 11 km this river takes its spring in the mount Xoldokogaina and throws itself between Urrugne and Ciboure to Socoa.
It will be necessary to you to go out beaten tracks because this river is less convenient to the practice of fishing.
In this river you can fish : trouts, gudgeons, eels minnows and others white fishes.

 In the Bidassoa River

It serves as border between France and Spain. It is 28 km long, takes its spring in Navarrian Mountains and throws itself into the Bay of Txingudi in Hendaye.
You will fish for salmons, for trouts and for mules...

How to get a fishing licence?

For the banks of Untxin
It is necessary to get a fishing licence:
- daily licence: 10 €
- “license holidays” valid 7 days: 30 €

Fishing licences are for sale exclusively on Internet:
http: // /
But you can buy one in certain points of sale:
http: // /

For the Bidassoa River
you need to buy a special card to be able to go fishing on the banks of the Bidassoa River.
Point of sale: Bar Dongaitz in Urrugne + 33
Prices: 12 €
Valid from the 2nd weekend of March to the 3rd weekend of September

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