Basque traditional sports

Sport is an integral part of Basque tradition.

Basque traditional sports oppose 2 teams from different villages with a challenge and tests linked to daily farm work.

Challenges between lumberjacks remain present in the memory of all Basques and are behind today's "aizkolaris" (axe cutters).

Building work where Basques in past centuries excelled is at the origin of "harri-jasotzaileak" (stone-lifters). They are capable of lifting stones weighing over 300 kg.

It is also worth mentioning "segalaris" (grass-cutters) for whom the challenge consists of cutting as much grass as possible in a given time.

Finally, the famous "ox trials" consist of a pair of oxen pulling stones often weighing hundreds of kilos.

All these competitions take place at a venue known as "probaleku".
In Urrugne there are two associations which keep Basque traditional sports alive:

  • "Lagunak" which in particular is specialised in "Soka Tira" (tug-of-war)
  • "Herri Kirolari Bai" which develops the use of ancestral Basque traditional sports for both men and women