Socorri Chapel

Chapelle de Socorri

The Chapel of Notre Dame of Socorri or Bon Secours, located at the summit of a hill overlooking Urrugne, is an emblematic place of pilgrimage.

Its foundation dates back to the beginning of the 17th century according to the wishes of sailors from Hendaye. In 1627 sailors who left the port of Hendaye, which at that time belonged to Urrugne, were approaching the Ile de Ré, occupied by the English troops, when suddenly the wind stopped blowing. The ships came to s standstill facing the enemy. All the sailors began praying to the Virgin Mary for a favourable wind. In exchange they promised to build a church carrying the name of Notre Dame du Bon Secours. Their prayers were answered and the wind began to blow again.

On their return the sailors from Hendaye showed their gratitude to the Virgin by building the Chapel of Notre Dame du Bon Secours (Socorri) on a belvedere overlooking the sea. It was destroyed in 1793, but rebuilt in 1831 thanks to the Municipality and donations by the town's inhabitants. The interior was decorated with a painting representing the Madonna and which probably came from the Couvent des Récollets in Ciboure, after it closed in 1791.

The disc-shaped tombstones scattered around the chapel are the graves of victims of the cholera epidemic in 1855.