Our districts

Urrugne covers a wide area organised into districts.

Village centre: at the heart of traditions

From its 45m altitude, the imposing Church of Saint Vincent dominates the village made up of typical Basque houses with their red, green and blue timbered facades.

Don't miss the pelota matches and Basque dancing in the fronton, the heart of the village.

A little higher up, you will find the mysterious Socorri Chapel.

Socoa – Basque Coastal Road : by the ocean

This is the beach's residential and commercial district. You can bathe in the safe waters of the bay of Saint Jean de Luz or walk along the coastal footpath and discover the Basque Coast's  unique landscape.

This protected natural area consisting of high flysch cliffs has a particular wildlife and plant life.

Olhette, Herboure : overlooking the mountains

Located at the foot of the mountains, these villages provide direct access to magnificent signposted walks including the famous GR10 hiking route which will take you up La Rhune.

Another summit worth discovering, the , will give you a beautiful panoramic view over the Basque coast. These walks will also take you to .

The mountain pass, astride the border between France and Spain, is also famous for its ventas.

Béhobie – gateway to Spain

Close to Hendaye - Beach, all you have to do is to cross the bridge to enter Spain and taste the famous tapas.

Béhobie is also located on the coastal route to Santiago de Compostela and is a stage on the GR10 hiking route.

Croix des Bouquets – Courlecou: in the countryside

Enjoy the countryside in this quiet district with its authentic farms in the colours of the Basque Country.

It is located at the foot of the Mont du Calvaire and is the departure point for walks to Mount Xoldo and the municipality of Biriatou.

Mendichoko : quiet and close to the mountains

Its name in Basque means "mountainous area", however in this district you aren't in the mountains, although you are very close by.

Located in the centre of the municipality, this district is close to the shops and services. Its location is ideal for visiting the town and surroundings.

Kechiloa – Choucoutoun : from town to contry

Kechiloa is the district of Urrugne bordering on the towns of Ciboure and Saint Jean de Luz. It is a residential district close to the shops and with former Basque fishermen's houses.

Close by is Choucoutoun with its beautiful houses and villas nestling in a luxurious green environment overlooking La Rhune and the Basque mountains.