Mont du Calvaire

The Oratory of the Calvary (Kalbario in Basque) is located at the summit of a hill at 279m altitude, at the foot of Mount Xoldologaina.

The ascent on foot is easy along a footpath which in under 30 mins. will take you to the summit.

It is to Father Aprendisteguy who dedicated all his wealth that we owe the construction at the summit of the Mont du Calvaire of a Retreat and a small chapel in the 17th century. During combats in the 17th century, the calvary, chapel and retreat were destroyed. Over the years, the remains were covered with a mound of stone and forgotten.

It was not until 1967 that the illustrious Jean Fourcade, a historian from Urrugne, began digging and searching for the ruins of the former place of worship. Henceforth, the oratory was rebuilt and a new 8m cross was erected.

The site is also a highly appreciated family walking location since at the summit you can get close to the famous pottok and enjoy a panoramic view over the coast and Basque mountains.