Church of Saint Vincent

Eglise Saint Vincent - Urrugne

There was already a place of worship in Urrugne as early as the 10th century and which was destroyed during the Spanish invasions in the 16th century. The current church was rebuilt in 1550 in a Renaissance style and influenced by the cultural architecture of Gipuzkoa (Spanish Basque Country).

The new church has a solid and defensive appearance with its arrow slits and canon holes at the summit of the buttress.

The bell tower is 45m high and on its façade has a sundial with the following motto in Latin: "Vulnerant omnes, ultima necat", which can be translated as "Every hour wounds, the final one kills".

Inside it is a typical Basque church with its three levels of galleries where traditionally only men were allowed to sit.

Several changes were made to the church in Urrugne. The most recent was the installation of a new organ in 2009. The former Merklin organ dating back to 1864 was transferred to the parish church of Saint-Jacques-le-Majeur in Béhobie and was replaced by a larger instrument designed for the occasion by the organ builder Jean Daldosso de Gimont in the Gers.

The church has been a listed building since 1925.

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  • Eglise Saint Vincent - Urrugne
  • Eglise Saint Vincent - Urrugne
  • Eglise Saint Vincent - Urrugne